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It starts Tomorrow! This is going to be GREAT. 

The call signs from the Y8 call sign block will be assigned to 63 teams and will sure help to generate massive pile ups on the bands on 10 m to 80 m. You can work the Y8xx in CW as well in SSB.

Martin, DL4NAC, has kindly written out some guidance notes of how to best work the stations.

Important information for chasing the WRTC stations:

  • WRTC stations will work only operate on the 80 to 10m contest bands using CW and SSB
  • WRTC stations should be spotted by callers in the DX clusters
  • Please treat all WRTC stations the same don’t favorise one over another
  • Do not be surprised that everyone speaks English only and wont give their own call sign out  (that's in the rules).
  • Make sure that the QSO is as short as possible.
  • Keep trying difficult band, as the WRTC stations will only be running 100 W and will not be loud.
  • Try looking for the stations early on Sunday morning on 80 and 40m as it’s likely the station will only be the higher bands on Saturday.
  • Your help can be rewarded - there are diplomas and medals to apply for.


The award series includes 5 certificates,

  • WAWRTC - Worked All WRTC Stations 
  • WRTC Sprint - contact all stations in the shortest time 
  • WRTC Most QSOs - who makes the largest number of contacts with the WRTC stations 
  • Assistant Judge - for those submitting check logs 
  • Long Distance Challenge - for those with contacts from the furthest distance sum


Exact information can be found on the website:

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