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Friday morning had an exciting and important event in the program. Although all locations are equivalent, the draw of locations and callsigns is considered to be the fairest method of allocating the sites. A glass bowl containing 63 plastic orbs containing the call signs of the teams and the assigned referee along with sealed envelopes with the Y8xx call sign inside laid on the table.

The first team was Manfred, DJ5MW and Stefan, DL1IAO, who will transmit from the location near Mühlberg, the furthest away from the HQ. Also Stephane, F4DXW and Sebastian, F8CMF could start early with the help of the volunteers.Two and a half hours later Fred, K9VV and John, VE3EJ received the nearest location, almost directly on the Elbe.

The sealed envelopes will be held by the referees and will only be opened at 11.45 UTC tomorrow, 15 minutes before the competition starts.

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