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WRTC 2018 is delighted to announce the approval of the last two Sponsored Teams. The selection process was focused on radio sport skills (competitiveness), support of the WRTC principals and the contribution of technological improvements in radiosport. Numerous excellent applications reached the committee. We are sure the selected teams will play an important role in the 2018 championship and will fight for top places.

Team YO3JR

Team #4 is led by Andrei Ruse, YO3JR, from Romania. He pointed out that his existing interest in radio contesting was amplified following the WRTC event in 2000 in Slovenia. Only 26 years old Andy took part in WRTC 2006 in Brasilia and also came back for the WRTCs in Russia 2010 and USA 2014. He is an example of how the WRTC and ham radio in general have a huge impact on young hams in improving operating skills as well as their tactical and technical abilities. These are the main ingredients required in order to be considered a top contester.

Photo: Andy, YO3JR, before the opening of WRTC 2014 in New England

Team #5 is led by Ivo Pezer, E73A/9A3A. Ivo can be called an WRTC veteran. As a team leader he took part in three previous WRTCs in San Francisco 1996, Slovenia 2000 and Brazil 2006. He missed WRTC 2014 only because of a visa problem. Ivo’s competitiveness is documented by outstanding contest scores resulting in an excellent qualification score in the very competitive EU#5 region. As an employee of the UN he has traveled to many countries, operating as a single op or part of multi op teams. Ivo plans to implement advanced SDR technology with the help of his announced team mate Ranko, 4O3A. This will again underline the impact of the WRTC movement on technological progress in ham radio contesting.

Team 1
Ranko, 4O3A, and Ivo, E73A, working as a well-practised team

The selection of sponsored teams is now finished. WRTC 2018 has more excellent applications and every applicant would be an excellent team leader for the event. Unfortunately we are limited to only five sponsored teams.

The other sponsored teams are led by

(18th April of 2017)  One of the main aspects of the World Radiosport Team Championship is to bring together hams for a big international event. The preparation is supported by numerous international ambassadors. Together with the members of the organizing committee, they spread the message of ham spirit and international friendship, which makes such a big event possible.

There are always many questions regarding WRTC in common and WRTC 2018 in Germany especially. The best way to get answers and the real feeling is to meet the organizers and ambassadors in person.

Hamcation 2017 - DL1QQ, K3LR, K1TO
Hamcation 2017 - DL1QQ, K3LR, K1TO

WRTC 2018 Video - The Place to Go.

The WRTC 2018 is coming! Take a look at 'The Place to Go' in 2018. The WRTC is back in Europe again.

The WRTC area of Jessen/Wittenberg, is about 100 km South of Berlin and offers a flat terrain formed in the ice age many thousands of years ago. This is an ideal natural level playing field meeting the WRTC principals.

The region also offers beautiful countryside, historic towns and awesome gardens. Our video gives you an impression of the area. View the video on Vimeo now

WRTC 2018 - is THE place to go and not only for radiosport !


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