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The WRTC is not just an amateur radio competition, it is also a meeting of amateurs with many participants accompanied by partners or families. To provide a good welcome to the five-day event, Bill Vinci started the Ham Widows Ball at the WRTC in Boston in 2014 - an exclusive event for the sometimes neglected partners. In the historic Luther House, 78 wives, husbands and children met. Bill Vinci acted as host for this unique event. The Californian painter quickly melted the ice. Without any problems, he was able to overcome language and cultural barriers and make sure that everyone understood each other well. You did not have to understand perfect English to have fun on this evening. Friendships were developed or revived. A good start for the WRTC and for the very important “contest-life balance”.

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The daily report of today.

Wednesday has seen antenna installation actions at the sites. The objective of the 16 antenna teams was for each team to set up the antenna systems at 2 sites. The antenna teams were met by the site teams who were already there assembling the tent and installing the needed contents as well as setting up the generator. With the help of detailed manuals, the teams were able to get down to business. Minor problems were resolved locally. Some problems were passed to the operations center in the HQ-Hotel and a coordinated solution found.

The police were also interested in what was going on. The officers in their patrol car saw the work in progress, stopped and asked for the site manager. After a full explanation, they were happy and wished the installation team good luck and the competitors lots of points. In the meantime we have half of the WRTC sites ready for use.


Today is the main arrival day for the radiosport world championship. Numerous radio operators and referees landed at the Berlin-Tegel airport. Already while in the transit area, there were many warm welcomes taking place. There was also excitement in the air. Has all the luggage arrived and is it undamaged? Are all the customs papers in order? After clearing customs, the contesters were greeted by DX legends Rolf DL7VEE, Wolf DL7HU and Gerd, DL7VOG. Then into the shuttle buses and off in the direction of Wittenberg. The mood was a mixture of anticipation and excitement.

Yesterday and today the participants began arriving. About fifty Ops used the option to arrive early, to recover from travel stress and to spend an extra day in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Often the greetings are loud and the joy at seeing friends again huge. Some participants know each other from Boston during the last World Championship and haven’t seen each other in the meantime. Of course this is an opportunity to meet friends from the whole Ham radio community.

The tension is electric. After all, participants spent over two years in many contests fighting for top results in order to be able to participate in the final round of the WRTC 2018. A scrutinizing look at the equipment they brought with them to make sure that everything has weathered the journey well.

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