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Yesterday and today the participants began arriving. About fifty Ops used the option to arrive early, to recover from travel stress and to spend an extra day in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Often the greetings are loud and the joy at seeing friends again huge. Some participants know each other from Boston during the last World Championship and haven’t seen each other in the meantime. Of course this is an opportunity to meet friends from the whole Ham radio community.

The tension is electric. After all, participants spent over two years in many contests fighting for top results in order to be able to participate in the final round of the WRTC 2018. A scrutinizing look at the equipment they brought with them to make sure that everything has weathered the journey well.

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Wittenberg was at the centre of European and worldwide interest in the "Luther Year" in 2017. A year later,  the Radio Amateurs' World Championship in radio sports has again generated a lot of interest in Wittenberg and the Saxony-Anhalt region. Three days before the start of the competition, we had the opportunity to talk with the mayor of Wittenberg, Jochen Kirchner.

Jochen Kirchner was also kind enough to make a short statement about the WRTC on camera. A detailed interview with Jochen Kirchner on the World Championship can be found in the press release available at


The first daily report in moving pictures is available. Steffen (DM6WAN) and his team reported on the cultural and historical highlights of Wittenberg. Afterwards, the WRTC was the focus of the reports: The briefings of the site managers, the antenna engineers and the takeover of the transport vehicles were the topics of the WRTC 2018.

Antenna assembly training The antenna engineers have finally been briefed by Andreas (DL5CW) on the assembly of the antennas and masts. Uli (DJ2YA) gave important notes on measurements with the antenna analyzer RigExpert AA-35 ZOOM. 




Robby (DM6DX) today took over 16 vans from the car rental SIXT. After a thorough briefing and safety instructions, the drivers drove to the WRTC logistics center. There, antennas, masts and other equipment were loaded. Tomorrow the construction phase of the 65 sites begins. 

A team of the TV Station MDR visited WRTC on Monday afternoon to prepare a report about the upcoming radio sport championship.Beatrix Heykeroth - reporter at MDR - and her team interviewed Ralf Theunert, DK1DSA. They filmed Ralf operating the station DA0WRTC in the HQ Hotel. 
Finally they took a shot on video of the already busy operation central. The report will be broadcasted on Thursday evening, 19:00, by MDR-Sachsen-Anhalt.

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