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DL8DYL talking to the WRTC media team

Wittenberg. (xv) "With 100 watts to get a pile up to North America on the low bands - that was phenomenal. I was really challenged and it was great to be able to really get into it, "enthused Irina Stieber (DL8DYL) from Dresden, expressing her personal impressions of the WRTC. Team partner of Maddin Riederer (DL4NAC) from Bayreuth, both have achieved more than 4100 QSOs and about 75% of them have been on CW. For Irina it was amazing what can be achieved with a 12m high dipolet: "I am very pleased that it was relatively easy to reach stations outside of Europe with only this transmitter power." Irina had concentrated on Morse telegraphy. In phases I managed more than 200 contacts per hour.

"The LY team have improved, which we did not manage to do as well! We heartily congratulate the Lithuanians", said the runners-up Manfred Wolf, DJ5MW, and Stefan von Baltz, DL1IAO. With their result, both are very satisfied: "It went great for us. We said before the contest that our goal is to finish in the top 10. That we reached second place is a great achievement. Focus mode was Morse telegraphy. Of the total of 4974 contacts, 3620 CW QSOs are in the log. The propagation conditions were positive. The 20m band closed for DX connections earlier than expected. However, sporadic E on 10m allowed good contacts to be made. Also on 15m there were a number of QSOs possible.

Both were pleased about the DX contacts on the 80m and 40m bands. Around 20 QSOs with North America and also a QSO with Brazil are in the log of the 80m band.


"The volunteers were fantastic and our heartfelt thanks go to the organizers of the WRTC 2018," says Manfred, and Stefan nods in agreement. Whether they will compete again in 2022 remains to be seen, because the effort needed is substantial.

After the WRTC stations stopped operating at 2:00 pm local time yesterday, DM5WF, Frank, also felt the tension of the past few weeks and months.

Frank sought out all the sites last year and talked to many regional land owners about the WRTC. His investment of thousands of miles and certainly a thousand hours for the WRTC are an incredible achievement.

"Always keeping an eye on the online scoreboard, I headed to our old field day site in Kosilenzien shortly before the end of the contest," Frank reported. Here one of the German teams was located consisting of Manfred Wolf, DJ5MW and Stefan von Balz, DL1IAO. Two well-known figures in the contest scene who came third in the WRTC2014 in the USA.

Place Call Oper1 Oper2 RawScore
1 Y81N LY9A LY4L 5940158
2 Y81A DJ5MW DL1IAO 5385432
3 Y82V N6MJ KL9A 5064619
4 Y81M F8DBF F1AKK 5026428
5 Y86Q LZ4AX LZ3FN 4950612
6 Y89A S50A S57AW 4939067
7 Y89R US2YW UW7LL 4914190
8 Y84W 9A7DX 9A3LG 4843038
9 Y84Z OM3BH OM3GI 4835200
10 Y82G IZ3EYZ IK4VET 4781672
11 Y81U 9A1UN 9A6XX 4728119
12 Y87W YO8TTT UT5GW 4727317
13 Y87O N2NL W2SC 4727118
14 Y87C K1LZ YO9GZU 4715006
15 Y81D UR0MC VE3DZ 4707999
16 Y87M N4YDU N3KS 4705872
17 Y84X K6XX WA6O 4697314
18 Y83O ES5TV ES2RR 4682220
19 Y82F E77DX 9A5K 4613024
20 Y82K W2GD AA3B 4557766
21 Y84O R8CT UA4FER 4482860
22 Y84Q K3LR DL1QQ 4425185
23 Y83V N9RV N6TR 4399560
24 Y81R RW7K UB7K 4382880
25 Y82D HA8RT DK6SP 4382068
26 Y86C RW1A RA1A 4379928
27 Y89U K9VV VE3EJ 4311844
28 Y84P OH6KZP OH6UM 4304214
29 Y83P N5AW K5WA 4287685
30 Y83L K1DG N2NT 4272124
31 Y82A YO8SCA S55M 4267754
32 Y87U SM5AJV SM3SGP 4240911
33 Y87G DL2CC DK9IP 4229376
34 Y84B EA2OT EA8RM 4175744
35 Y89D DL4NAC DL8DYL 4155186
36 Y86Y VA2EW DL1CW 4154540
37 Y83C LU1FAM YO9WF 4115668
38 Y81K UA2FB RA2FA 4108800
39 Y86O OM2VL OM3RM 4066500
40 Y86J EC2DX EA5KA 4029907
41 Y87K OK2ZI OK2ZC 4018924
42 Y82M F4DXW F8CMF 4015944
43 Y84C JH5GHM WA1Z 4015104
44 Y83U N4TZ N1UR 4011708
45 Y87L PY1NX PY2SEX 3967176
46 Y82N YV1DIG RA9USU 3940125
47 Y83X 4X6FR 4X1DX 3936111
48 Y82L N6XI AE6Y 3911853
49 Y83B LZ5VK RW4WR 3909450
50 Y83K KE3X KD4D 3855566
51 Y84J RC9O UA9PM 3793873
52 Y89M ZL3CW F6BEE 3779055
53 Y82B AD4Z NP4Z 3771768
54 Y84Y K2PO KU1CW 3729528
55 Y87V VE7CC VE7SV 3550400
56 Y83Z CE2LR KG5HVO 3504240
57 Y84G UN9LW UN9L 3461388
58 Y82W E73A 4O3A 3252400
59 Y89N ZL3IO ZL4YL 3246541
60 Y86W K3PA N3AD 3239895
61 Y86P E21EIC 9M2ZAK 2791524
62 Y86V OR2F ON5RA 2619190
63 Y87B VY2ZM KK6ZM 2517206

Short interview with Gedas Lucinskas, LY9A, and Mindis Jukna, LY4L.

It looks highly likely that the team from Lithuania have won the WRTC 2018 by far, with more than 5200 QSOs and more than 5.9 million points. The station was operated with two YAESU FTDX-5000 transceivers. As with all WRTC contest stations, it used a HD Spider Beam with a built-in 40m dipole. A specially made for the WRTC, WIMO dipole antenna was used on 80m. The Spider beam was mounted at 12m height on an aluminum telescopic mast and just below the beam was the support for the 80m dipole. 
Paul Bigwood, G3WYW, from prime sponsor YAESU was delighted with the winning team from Lithuania and insisted on congratulating the successful team on site in Annaburg. He had the station shown to him. It was a true "hotspot", because the temperature in the station tent had climbed to almost 40 ° C. "A phenomenal performance of our friends from Lithuania and I am impressed and thrilled at the same time," said Paul in the presence of the team.

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