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For all bookings regarding WRTC 2018 (hotel, opening and closing event, sightseeing tours, transfer from airports/train station) we are working together with a local travel agency. While they are ready with a dedicated booking website, we want to give you some information so you can do your flight booking.

1. Choose the right destination

There is a little chance to mess up your booking. West of Berlin you can find a small town called "Wittenberge" west of Berlin. That is the wrong one! The right one you want to go is "Wittenberg" or "Lutherstadt Wittenberg" (the official name). Please also have a look at

2. Schedule

Here it is:

3. Hotels

Our HQ hotel will be the Luther Hotel in Wittenberg. Unless you are a competitor, referee or other official you will have no chance to book a room there during the WRTC. But there are plenty of hotels around. Just have a visit a booking website like or and search for the city name "Wittenberg" or "Lutherstadt Wittenberg". Also Google Maps is very helpful to look for directions.

For competitors and referees (and judging committee):Your hotel rooms are reserved. No need to worry about that. If you plan to come with your spouses or other escort, we still take care of the booking through the booking website. If there are still enough rooms available in the HQ hotel, you as competitor/referee can stay with your partner in one room. But there is no guarantee that you will stay in the HQ hotel (but in one nearby). Competitors: One team will get one double room (normally the beds are two separate beds, or some can be separated a bit). Referees: Also referees will go in double rooms together with another referee. We try to make an assignment, but if you have a special wish, please ask for it when the booking site is online directly on this site.

4. Flights / Airports

Depending on what your plans are before and after WRTC, there are different options to come to Germany by plane. The nearest and most convenient airport is Berlin TXL. There is a good train connection from Berlin to Wittenberg. But also Leipzig LEJ or Dresden DRS is nearby. But also if you want to travel around in Germany, other airports like Frankfurt FRA or Munich MUC are good ones. If you every wanted to drive on a German Autobahn, this is your chance.

5. Trains

The website where to book train tickets is: But you also can get tickets at ticket machines at the train stations. Don't enter a German train without a ticket (= fare-beating). There is a good chance to get a "tourist bonus". But don't rely on that. Using the fast ICE train is very convenient as Lutherstadt Wittenberg has a train station where this type of train stops. And this train station is only 1km away from the Luther Hotel / city center. The correct name of the main station is "Lutherstadt Wittenberg Hbf".

6. Transfer

The costs for transfer from airports and train stations is not included for competitors and referees. On our planned booking website we will provide options to book your transfer from nearby airports or train stations. Also guest will be able to book their transfer to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. You can also take a rental car to drive around. As far as I know, most of you are allowed to rent a car with proper papers (EU driving license, international drivers license). Please check with your rental car agency. For those staying at the Luther Hotel: As space is very limited in the parking garage don't expect to get any parking lot directly in the hotel. The big parking house is about 500m away. The competitors and referees won't need a car in the WRTC week as they will be driven to the site and back by us. For all others you don't need a car to go to the local bars and restaurant in the city or to the Stadthaus (see 7.). All is within walking distance. And in contrast to the US for example, nobody is looking strange if you are just "walking around".

7. Event tickets

We will sell tickets for the opening and closing ceremony in the Stadthaus ( This will be done through the booking website. Please be patient until this site is online. We will send a separate note on that.

8. Sightseeing

We will provide sight-seeing tours to important places around. This also will happen through the booking website. We will also inform you separately on this.

9. Invitations for visa

Visitors from certain countries will need an official invitation letter from us. If you are one of them, please let us know and we will take care of it (see also 11.).

10. Where to go on the WRTC weekend?

For some of you (mostly the spouses) the sightseeing tours will be the choice. But most of the regular visitors may want to go to a station and be QRV at the weekend. As most of the operators of DA0HQ will be volunteers for the WRTC, they will have some free seats. We try to organize something. But there are also some club stations around. Also a visit in Poland (SP; about 200km away) or Czech Republic (OK; about 300km away) is feasible. But you can also visit the HQ hotel. We plan to have the Online Scoreboard running, showing movies or slide shows. Or just hand around with some organizers (if everything is running smoothly...). On Saturday evening there will be a big TV screen to watch the semi final of the Soccer World Championship.

If you are interested in any contest activity (other than DA0HQ) to take part in, we can forward this on local mailing lists and ask interested Germans to contact you directly.

11. Any questions? Contact Us.

We tried to put together the most important information for a rough overview. We know that there are a million more questions when one starts to travel. If you still have any questions or need any assistance in using Google Maps, just contact us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. But also please give us a bit ofs time to answer them.

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