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WRTC 2018 is not just a radio contest. It also provides contesters and their families the opportunity to gather and visit interesting places around the region where the contest is hosted.

Visitors to WRTC 2018 in Germany can now book tours and tickets via No registration is required and payment is easy e.g. using Paypal.


Just skip the registration page and navigate to the offers. You will find three section: Hotels, Events, and Sightseeing. (You can ignore the Hotels tab.)

The middle tab lists the WRTC events You can book tickets for the opening (Thursday) and closing (Monday) events under this tab. We have more than 100 available tickets for visitors for both events. (Please note: Dinner 1 and 2 are restricted to participants, referees and accompanying persons and so cannot be booked.)

The right tab provides the list of sightseeing tours. The WRTC schedule allows competitors time to take the Thursday tour to Leipzig and the Monday tour to Berlin. The busses will leave after the meeting on Thursday morning and will be back in the afternoon to give you enough time to change for the opening ceremony.

During the times that the teams will be busy (Friday for station setup and Saturday/Sunday for the contest) we are running tours to Dresden and Wörlitzer Park for non-competitors.

All tours use first class buses with English speaking tourist guides.

Don’t forget to put some Sightseeing of Wittenberg into your schedule. The WRTC is based in the center of this historical town in the heart of Europe and gives you a unique and easy way to learn more about the history of the region. The tourist guides walk with you through the city centre, telling fascinating stories about Martin Luther or show you the place where Wilhelm Weber was born, (Weber invented wire based telegraphy with Gauss in 1833).

Especially for our friends from Russia: Dalichow Events can organise Wittenberg sightseeing tours in the Russian Language. Please let us know asap if you require them to organise a Russian Language tour.

Additional events and offers (not yet bookable)

Don’t forget the "Ham Widows Ball" on Wednesday evening. This event was started at WRTC 2014 to bring together the XYLs and OMs of the competitors and referees. (You can read the story about the 2014 event in the excellent book “Contact Sport” by J.K. George N3BB).

We could also organise a "Beer DXpedition" on Wednesday evening. This would be a scientific approach to beer drinking with a visit to the historical brewery in Wittenberg and other places associated with beer.

A Personal Note by DL6MHW

I do not live in the Wittenberg/Jessen region but I’m not far away. Of course Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin are places you should visit. Dresden is famous for culture, art and baroque architecture. Leipzig is different and fascinating. It is a historic place. e.g. with the Völkerschlacht, where Russia and the allied countries won against the Napoleonic army in 1813.

But my “insider tip” is a trip to the Wörlitzer Park. This is a beautiful historic garden from the 18th century. A visit provides a relaxed day with short walks and a boat trip and will be the ideal Sunday trip for those who are not busy in the contest.

If I were to make a Top-3 List it would be:

  1. Wörlitzer Park,
  2. Sightseeing in Wittenberg
  3. Visit to Leipzig

(If you have an additional day before or after the WRTC you should fit in a trip to Dresden.)


Please book your tickets and bus tours now via

You can book additional tours later but there may be limited seats available.

Moreover please let us know if you are interested in either the “Beer DXpedition” or the “Russian language sightseeing tour of Wittenberg”.

To contact us please E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask Ralf, DK1DSA (WRTC 2018 director for lodging & hospitality)

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