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There are now just 250 days to WRTC 2018 in Jessen/Wittenberg. A lot has already happened - but there is still a lot left to be done and time flies. In recent months, important subprojects have been finished.

  • The qualification stage is completed with the applications received from and invitations sent out to the participants.
  • At the IARU Contest, several WRTC 2018 participants visited Germany and have already evaluated propagation routes and station equipment.
  • During the big test day, 100 volunteers at 15 locations tested the WRTC 2018 technology and logistics.
  • Here as well as at “Ham Radio” in Friedrichshafen you could feel a great deal of the Ham spirit, which carries us along the way to WRTC 2018.

The most important aspect of the WRTC is of course the sport. Meanwhile, the participants are confirmed (see Participants Page). To mark 250-days out from the event we asked the participants a few questions and asked them to tell us about their enthusiasm.

Generation-Connecting Sport

Looking at the age structure of the WRTC 2018, a picture emerges that makes amateur radio sport something special. The youngest participant is Bryant, KG5HVO, at the age of 14. The oldest is the well-known Contester Marwyn, N5AW, at the age of 77. In between, all age groups are represented almost equally, so that we will experience amateur radio not only as a global sport but also as a generation-connecting one. All participants compete in the same competition and on the same level.

Very Young Competitors: Tamas -HA8RT), Bryant - KG5HVO, Xenia -ZL4YL
Very Young Competitors: Tamas -HA8RT, Bryant - KG5HVO, Xenia -ZL4YL
Very experienced Competitors Marvin- N5AW (77),Alan - N3AD (75), Dale VE7SV (73)
Very experienced Competitors Marvin- N5AW (77),Alan - N3AD (75), Dale VE7SV (73)

 Start Young for a lifelong Sport

Another view point shows a very uniform picture. Almost all of the participants started amateur radio as teenagers, i.e. they acquired their first license as a teenager and continued into a lifelong radio sport passion. The survey showed an average age of 13.3 years when the competitor’s first amateur radio license was achieved.Starting young - teenager contester from five DecadesStarting young - teenager contester from five decades

Great Expectations

Asked about the sporting goals, there were a number of interesting answers. There were clear announcements, for example, from reigning World Champion Chris, KL9A "To Win!", Vice-champion Tonno, ES5TV with "Gold", or Stefan, DL1IAO, (bronze at WRTC 2014) with "To do the best within my limits and get on the Podium! ". However, there were also cautious remarks such as those of Bud, AA3B, "To be competitive." Or Ingo, SM5AJV, "To have our best competition position ever.", also show clear sporting ambitions.

Asked about who was expected to be on the podium, the reigning World Champions N6MJ / KL9A were mentioned several times. Several answers favored the medalists of the previous two World Championships. There were also calls such as "It's time for the German team!" Or "EU teams" from the participants. It's going to be exciting.

The expectations of the German organizers were pretty much the same. K5WA writes: "TNX a lot for all you are doing to make WRTC 2018 a success. You have my respect! ". With this motivation, the organizing team and the many volunteers will continue to work hard for the next 256 days, so that on July 16, 2018, we can select the next World RadioSport Champion.

About WRTC 2018

The World Radiosport Team Championships (WRTC) are held every four years and assemble more than 60 two-operator-teams of the world’s best radio contesters on a level playing field. Quite different from their usual contesting they must use identical equipment in the same geographical region eliminating all variables except their personal skills. Previous WRTCs were held in Seattle/USA (1990), San Francisco/USA (1996), Slovenia (2000), Finland (2002) Brazil (2006) Russia (2010) and New England/USA (2014).

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