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Wittenberg. (xv) The WRTC is to be covered in two special broadcasts by Radio DARC. The radio show of the German Amateur Radio Club e.V. will broadcast a program in English on Saturday, July 14 from 11.00 to 12.00 UTC using the 49m short-wave band on 6070 kHz. Especially for the many people interested in WRTC from North America, the program will also be broadcast on 13860 kHz at the same timeThe 6-hour time difference makes it possible for the show to serve as a "breakfast radio" WRTC News on the East Coast of North America. There is expected to be a high level of interest from North America as not only did a total of 14 teams from North America qualify but also the defending champions Daniel Craig (N6MJ) and Chris Hurlbut (KL9A) are from the USA. 

A day later, on Sunday the 15th. the second broadcast will be sent at 9:00 am UTC. In both broadcasts, which can be received all over Europe as well as in North America, will, as well as covering the region and people in the Wittenberg and Jessen areas will also include content from journalists reporting on current WRTC event. What the World Championship is all about and how it works will be presented. Behind the scenes reports will cover the qualifying process, the competitors and their four-year preparation as well as the efforts of all the volunteers in this mammoth project. The contest rules and award programs will be explained. Tips will be given on technology in use to make those DX contacts and the all important radio propagation report completes the "WRTC-special" program.
The transmitters which can reach 300,000 listeners in many parts of the world, are located in Vienna, Austria. The Radio DARC program regularly airs on Sundays at 9:00 am UTC on 6070 kHz in the 49m band and covers current news from the amateur radio and short wave sectors, equipment reports, technology tips and interviews along with varied music. Radio DARC is unique in its magazine format worldwide and now is the the last remaining long, medium or short wave broadcast show that is voluntarily produced in Germany by radio amateurs. 

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