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At the WRTC in July 2018, the 63 Y8 stations logged 262,746 QSOs. All WRTC participants were amazed by the big pile-ups they were able to produce running just 100 watts. In addition to the unusual call signs, the award program was certainly an incentive for the callers.

In the meantime the results are available on the website ( under the menu item “Activities”.

While no log submission was required for the Worked-All-WRTC award, the other awards are based on the logs sent in shortly after the contest. These were used in the rapid evaluation process to check the WRTC competitors log quality. These contributors provided, by their log submissions, help to the log checking team.

All those who submitted a log receives the title “Assistant Judge” and a corresponding certificate. Furthermore, 20 call signs were drawn randomly, who will receive a prize in the next few days.

The winners of the WRTC Sprint, Most QSOs and Distance Challenge ratings can also look forward to receiving a prize.

In the WRTC Sprint, the goal was to work all Y8 calls in as short a time frame as possible. Timing started running from the first QSO. Due to the different distances, a separate score was calculated for each of the 29 WRTC qualifying regions. From 20 of the 29 regions at least one station contacted all 63 Y8 calls. DK2CX was quickest and managed the 63 QSOs in only 56 minutes using the home country advantage. But even from South America 63 contacts were possible as proved by PY2XB.

In the “Most QSOs” ranking OH2BU achieved the best result worldwide with 513 QSOs with WRTC stations - obviously thanks to precise planning and good skip. DL0SLG managed, with 361, the most QSOs in the DL region. Here too the results rankings were carried out according to the 29 regions.

Particularly interesting was the “Distance Challenge”, in which all participants compete with each other worldwide. The results list shows PY2XB at the top with 2.3 million kilometers covered. He is followed by K3WW with 1,529,469 km and W3UA with 1,521,413 km. These participants will also receive a commemorative prize in the next few weeks.

The organizers of the WRTC 2018 would like to thank all participants for the support of the many QSOs and the log submissions.

Results of the  “Assistent Judge”-Draw: DL5CW, K2YGM, DF2Fm UA6LCJ, DF7ZS, UR7CB, IK1YFE, HA4FY, K8SV, DH2WQ, VE3UTT, OM3BA, DL0LK, OH5YO, OX3LX, WC2L, ZL2AGY, SD6M, LX1DKE, DL4FDM


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