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After the busy days of the WRTC 2018 and work required after the event, it is time to stand back and review what was achieved.

The organizers can be proud of a successful WRTC. The main goals that have driven us for four years were fulfilled. The dream of the summer fairy tale came true for amateur radio in Germany. Each participant has taken away their special memories that will undoubtedly motivate them over the next few years.

The members of the organizing team have compiled some notes about aspects of the project that are worthy of note.

Field operations and technology used


Antenna boss Paul, DL5CW, is pleased with the positive results:

  • Despite heavy rain on Thursday, all 65 antenna installations were completed on time
  • The previous training courses definitely contributed greatly to this success
  • All antennas were ready for the contest with the SWR within the expected range for all antennas


The uniformity of the sites was the responsibility of Uli, DJ2YA. He reports:

  • The cooperation with RigExpert providing the ability to load data for multiple sites in their new AntScope2 software was successful
  • Intensive preparation work with DL5CW in Jessen from Friday to Tuesday of the week preceding the event including the instruction of the antenna chiefs on Tuesday paid dividends
  • Two analyzers failed due to static charges (RigExpert analyzed and repaired the defective units)
  • SWR data from ALL sites was backed up for documentation (instructions were followed to the letter making this action 100% successful)
  • There was lots of praise for "site quality" and requests from the WRTC2022 team for advice for the Bologna event


The group of 300 helpers was managed by Axel, DL6KVA. He'd like to emphasize:

  • The dedication of the helpers (no matter in which area) was exemplary and a major contribution to the success of the WRTC 2018
  • Very positive feedback was received both from the competitors and the referees but also from the fellow helpers
  • The cooperation in the organization team has always been goal-oriented and has been enjoyable
  • The media team at the WRTC should certainly be acknowledged for their work publicizing the WRTC to areas of the hobby who would not normally be involved.


Andy, DK4WA, DARC Regional Manager of Jessen added

  • Problems were solved flexibly - a generator that appeared to be malfunctioning was reported and a replacement unit was quickly delivered
  • An RFI problem from the switching power supply of a competitor’s monitor - was quickly resolved by a volunteer supplying a suitable replacement power supply




Responsible for the competition was Uwe, DL8OBF, - he was very satisfied:

  • The prepared rules and FAQs answered most of the questions in advance - Thursday's question time meeting was shorter than expected
  • Working with the judging committee was easy
  • No thunderstorms or major technical failures affected the competition
  • the Y8 call signs created huge pile ups


Log checking and scoring was controlled by Dietmar, DL3DXX.

  • Evaluation used a web-based solution based on PHP and MySQL
  • 3764 check logs with 1.5 million QSOs were used to cross-check the competitors logs
  • Dubious cases were examined manually by the evaluation team, for this purpose audio recordings from the participants were used
  • Log checking was already completed by 12 o'clock on Monday


Organization and HQ


Chris, DL1MGB, as head of the organization highlights the following points

  • The helpers used their own initiative, solving problems by engaging the required people if they were not able to solve the problem themselves.
  • After many days in the HQ-Centre, where there were almost always problems to solve, it was nice at the closing event to hear from the helpers, participants and guests of their broad approval and satisfaction with the event
  • Especially nice to hear were the many stories of the local communities around the sites greeting and helping the groups.
  • The most moving moment for me this week was when Tine S50A officially declared that the WRTC 2018 was over.


The hotel-based teams reported to Andrea, DL3ABL:

  • Andreas, DC6RI, had brought about 1000 shirts and other materials to Wittenberg, which were sorted and bagged by the hotel team prior to the WRTC
  • 80 file folders with antenna setup guides and Site Manager manuals were created, each page came in a waterproof presentation case
  • The issue of materials (shirts, bags, tickets, score-collection computers, power meters) and the care of all guests was a full-time job virtually non-stop from Tuesday to Tuesday
  • The public relations work was very successful. From the point of view of the PR, Michael, DL6MHW, highlighted the following aspects
  • The media team ensured the steady release of approximately five articles per day on the WRTC2018 web page and in the online media
  • Daily video production and the live streaming of opening and closing was very successful receiving lots of hits.
  • There was great interest from the traditional media such as TV, radio and daily newspapers which brought amateur radio into the public eye. All of this work required a high level of effort and professionalism.
  • Especially impressive was the processing of over 300 calls to the WRTC hotline, mainly by Felix, DL5XL and Axel, DL6KVA


Ben, DL6RAI, added as the supervisor of IT and live score board

  • The website was the most important platform for external communication: it was bilingual and target group oriented
  • The mailing lists based around the Mailman software formed a linchpin, especially for internal communication
  • The ticket system (OTRS) was used extensively during the WRTC for the coordination of work
  • The Real Time Scoreboard ran reliably throughout the WRTC, was a great success - warranting the large effort involved


Rudolf, DJ3WE, chief fundraiser since the beginning of 2018, was visibly relieved and grateful that he had managed to finance this mammoth project needing to raise more than 600,000 euros in donations.

  • 80% of the donations come from the amateur radio community
  • Around 40% of all donations were received from Germany and North America
  • A major success factor were the many trips and appearances of the WRTC2018 team in the USA
  • The amateur radio industry supported WRTC through equipment and cash donations, most notably YAESU as the WRTC Prime Sponsor
  • The exhibition of some sponsors in the Luther hotel suffered from a lack of public interest: The room used was too remote. The enthusiasm of the guests about meeting each other along with the tension of the approaching contest in the competitors before the contest meant there was a lack of interest in visiting the sponsors exhibition room. Thankfully the sponsors were satisfied with many face to face individual discussions in a relaxed bar atmosphere and did not regret their commitment to WRTC2018.



The records show that WRTC 2018 was a mammoth project. Despite the effort to be brief, this list is very long. The key points above illustrate the diversity and scope of the project. Many more points deserve to be presented in much greater detail.

For an interesting and global view of the WRTC 2018, please refer to the amateur radio media, in particular FUNKAMATEUR (09/2018) and CQDL (09/2018).

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