Team North America - NA #2_2

Picture of Nathan G Moreschi, N4YDU
Team Leader:

Nathan G Moreschi, N4YDU

Other callsigns: TI5/N4YDU, HA/N4YDU, HG2U
Country: USA
Age (WRTC 2018): 43
Previous WRTC experience: Competitor: 2014
Occupation: High School History Teacher
I was first licensed in 1989 as KC4MCH thanks to the help of my father (N4PY). The contesting bug bit me immediately and continues through today. After teaming up with N3KS for WRTC 2014, many excellent operating opportunities have developed, including several operations in various categories from TI5W. I enjoy operating from my home station in NC, as well as multi ops from N3ND and N1LN. Also of late, I have had the opportunity to use the Remote Ham Radio network in several contests. In addition, HA1AG was kind enough to host me for IARU HF Championship to participate as HG2U in July of 2017. I'm really looking forward to returning to WRTC and battling with the best contesters in the world. Finally, I am very thankful for the support of many friends and of course my wife Allison.

Picture of Kamal "Kam" Sirageldin, N3KS
Team Mate:

Kamal "Kam" Sirageldin, N3KS

Other callsigns: TI5/N3KS, TI5W
Country: USA
Age (WRTC 2018): 58
Previous WRTC experience: Competitor: 2014
Occupation: Retired
First licensed in 1975 at age 15, then active in DXing and satellite communications and bitten by the contesting bug in 2004. Kam received a university degree in electrical engineering and is now retired after founding Corp Ten International, a technology services company.

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