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Wittenberg’s Mayor, Jochen Kirchner, has tonight formally opened WRTC 2018, the World Radio Team Championship 2018. It is the first time that WRTC takes place in Germany. With the endorsement of Martin Luther, Jochen Kirchner welcomed all participants and visitors and wished them good luck and many radio contacts.



One of the corner stones of WRTC are the special call signs that were revealed during a presentation on the 100 year history of amateur radio in Germany by Uli Müller, DK4VW. The call signs from the Y8 call sign block will be assigned to 63 teams and will sure help to generate massive pile ups on the bands.


The event was framed by a parade of participants from 40 nations and an entertaining  report by John Dorr, K1AR, the first team champion of a WRTC event in 1990 in Seattle. All participants, visitors and supporters alike are looking forward to an eventful and competitive event.


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