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Gedas LY9A and Mindis LY4L are very pleased with the visit of their tent sponsor Klaus Kuhlemeier, DJ4PT.
Klaus had sponsored the station tent in memory of Heinrich Lumpe, DJ6JC (sk). Heinrich, DJ6JC always had an open ear for newcomers and supported many radio amateurs with his knowledge and his skills. This is remembered as much as his steel lattice masts, produced in his company Willer & Billerbeck (WiBi) for many years. More at 

All 63 tents oft he competitionsteams have been sponsored.
Since lunchtime, the team from Lithuania has been busy installing their radios and other station equipment at their site in the Annaberg area. "We've checked some lists x times and compared them to the material we're installing and hope we have not forgotten anything," Mindis said yesterday evening, while at the WRTC opening event. "Although it was not a nightmare, the WRTC and the worry of forgetting something in Lithuania caused many hours of late night work," he added. "Tomorrow at 12.00 UTC the contest starts. But only if it turns out nothing was left in Lithuania," smiles Gedas, LY9A "We are happy to be with our friends and families here in Wittenberg," Gedas continued.

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