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"The LY team have improved, which we did not manage to do as well! We heartily congratulate the Lithuanians", said the runners-up Manfred Wolf, DJ5MW, and Stefan von Baltz, DL1IAO. With their result, both are very satisfied: "It went great for us. We said before the contest that our goal is to finish in the top 10. That we reached second place is a great achievement. Focus mode was Morse telegraphy. Of the total of 4974 contacts, 3620 CW QSOs are in the log. The propagation conditions were positive. The 20m band closed for DX connections earlier than expected. However, sporadic E on 10m allowed good contacts to be made. Also on 15m there were a number of QSOs possible.

Both were pleased about the DX contacts on the 80m and 40m bands. Around 20 QSOs with North America and also a QSO with Brazil are in the log of the 80m band.


"The volunteers were fantastic and our heartfelt thanks go to the organizers of the WRTC 2018," says Manfred, and Stefan nods in agreement. Whether they will compete again in 2022 remains to be seen, because the effort needed is substantial.

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