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Momente eine erste kleine Zusammenfassung der WRTC 2018

Moments a first small summary of the WRTC 2018 

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World Championship ended with a great closing ceremony

The winners of the World Championship of Radio Amateurs are from Lithuania. Gedas Lucinskas (LY9A) and Mindis Jukna (LY4L) won ahead of the German team with Manfred Wolf (DJ5MW) and Stefan von Baltz (DL1IAO) from Baden-Württemberg. In third place are Chris Hurlbut (KL9A) and Daniel Craig (N6MJ), who became world champions four years ago in Boston.

In total, radio amateurs from all over the world were reached by the 63 competition teams with 262,746 contacts during the 24-hour competition. More than 40 nations were represented in Wittenberg with the competitors and referees.

The trophies were handed over to the winning teams and all teams were very happy..

In his welcome address Christian Janßen, DL1MGB, looked back on the eventful 4 years. Especially on the performance of the great team he formed. Chris called to represent over 300 helpers, four supporters on to the stage, who have performed great work in the background. Oskar Radwan, DL3OF, and Renate Radwan, DG2HUF, managed the warehouse in Jessen. Frank Neumann, DM5WF, has explored the sites and Steffen Kaiser, DL5SFI, acted as chief photographer. They were honored with great applause and a gold medal.

The Jessen Mayor Michael Jahn expressed his appreciation and thanks to the competitors, referees and helpers. "The accomplishments of the helpers are large. To build 65 large antennas - to support the tents and the power generators - that is great. I'm convinced that you can count on radio amateurs, "he said in his speech in front of over 600 World Championship participants - because everyone who helped with this event has the right to consider himself a participant in the World Championship.

An exciting and busy week lies behind all WRTC contributors.

With regard the extensive four-year long preparation, Mayor Jahn stated: "Andreas Winter, DK4WA, and Frank Neumann, DM5WF, from Mühlberg have managed to win over the land owners for this great project. The agricultural cooperatives gladly made their land available. I am proud of our local people. Frank and Andreas gave special thanks for this incredible work in volunteering. "

The chairman of the German Amateur Radio Club, Steffen Schöppe, DL7ATE, also sent his thanks. He was represented by Ron Jerke, DG2RON, who heads the District of Brandenburg. Steffen emphasized that there were also many volunteers in the run-up to the event, who bought and processed material and used countless hours or days to organize the smooth running of the World Championship in the background.

The helpers came not only from the host country of the World Championship in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt, but from all over Germany and also from abroad. For this he expressed his heartfelt thanks.

It got a bit more technical in a presentation from Paul Bigwood, G3WYW, the representative of prime sponsor YAESU. He reported on the history and current trends in amateur radio, from the perspective of a manufacturer. For the entire organization he found very complimentary words and expressed his thanks to the organizers.

The presentation of the WRTC trophies was moderated by Randy Thomson, K5ZD. He reported that the evaluation committee received 3500 logs within 16 hours, which could be used for the audit.

The following awards were awarded

WRTC 2018 SSB Leaders were awarded to Jeff Briggs, VY2ZM and Patrick Briggs, KK6ZM by Michael Jahn

WRTC 2018 CW Leaders were Tonno Vakh, ES5TV and Tiovo Hallikivi, ES2RR awarded by Ralf Theunert, DK1DSA

WRTC 2018 Multiplier Leaders were Tonno Vakh ES5TV and Tiovo Hallikivi, ES2RR awarded by Ulf Ehrlich, DL5AXX.

WRTC 2018 Accuracy Leaders were Leo Slavov, OR2F, and Pascal Lierman, ON5RA awarded by Dietmar Kasper, DL3DXX

Before the main places on the podium were awarded, Chris, DL1MGB, awarded the best youth team award to Alexandru Mancus, YO8TTT, and Leonid Kharchenko, UT5GW, who were the best of the youth teams and finished 14th in the overall standings.

Then the "Best of the Best" were called up.

The bronze medal went to previous World Champions Chris Hurlbut, KL9A, and Daniel Craig, N6MJ. The trophy was awarded by Uwe, DL8OBF.

The silver medal was won by Manfred Wolf, DJ5MW, and Stefan von Baltz, DL1IAO. The trophy was presented by Michael Höding, DL6MHW.

New World Champions are Gedas Lucinskas, LY9A, and Mindis Jukna, LY4L. The trophy was presented by Christian Janßen, DL1MGB.

Michael Jahn and Chris, DL1MGB, ended the awards ceremony with great applause from the audience. A moving moment for the new World Champions and all those involved in the WRTC 2018.

Finally, the WRTC was formally ended by the chairman of the Sanctioning Committee. He also expressed his gratitude for the unforgettable days in Jessen / Wittenberg. He announced with great applause that the next WRTC will take place in Italy.

The WRTC 2018 ended with a celebration where helpers, competitors and referees discussed their great experiences with each other.   

DL8DYL talking to the WRTC media team

Wittenberg. (xv) "With 100 watts to get a pile up to North America on the low bands - that was phenomenal. I was really challenged and it was great to be able to really get into it, "enthused Irina Stieber (DL8DYL) from Dresden, expressing her personal impressions of the WRTC. Team partner of Maddin Riederer (DL4NAC) from Bayreuth, both have achieved more than 4100 QSOs and about 75% of them have been on CW. For Irina it was amazing what can be achieved with a 12m high dipolet: "I am very pleased that it was relatively easy to reach stations outside of Europe with only this transmitter power." Irina had concentrated on Morse telegraphy. In phases I managed more than 200 contacts per hour.

"The LY team have improved, which we did not manage to do as well! We heartily congratulate the Lithuanians", said the runners-up Manfred Wolf, DJ5MW, and Stefan von Baltz, DL1IAO. With their result, both are very satisfied: "It went great for us. We said before the contest that our goal is to finish in the top 10. That we reached second place is a great achievement. Focus mode was Morse telegraphy. Of the total of 4974 contacts, 3620 CW QSOs are in the log. The propagation conditions were positive. The 20m band closed for DX connections earlier than expected. However, sporadic E on 10m allowed good contacts to be made. Also on 15m there were a number of QSOs possible.

Both were pleased about the DX contacts on the 80m and 40m bands. Around 20 QSOs with North America and also a QSO with Brazil are in the log of the 80m band.


"The volunteers were fantastic and our heartfelt thanks go to the organizers of the WRTC 2018," says Manfred, and Stefan nods in agreement. Whether they will compete again in 2022 remains to be seen, because the effort needed is substantial.

After the WRTC stations stopped operating at 2:00 pm local time yesterday, DM5WF, Frank, also felt the tension of the past few weeks and months.

Frank sought out all the sites last year and talked to many regional land owners about the WRTC. His investment of thousands of miles and certainly a thousand hours for the WRTC are an incredible achievement.

"Always keeping an eye on the online scoreboard, I headed to our old field day site in Kosilenzien shortly before the end of the contest," Frank reported. Here one of the German teams was located consisting of Manfred Wolf, DJ5MW and Stefan von Balz, DL1IAO. Two well-known figures in the contest scene who came third in the WRTC2014 in the USA.

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