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When then WRTC competition inside the IARU HF Championship has ended on Jul 15 at 12 UTC referees immediately collect the logs per data stick from the competitors. Then the race begins to determine the winners in four categories: highest total, best CW score, best phone score, most accurate log. The judging committee has less than 24 hours time to scan the logs, find out errors and calculate the scores. To to it as good as possible we need your log and we need it as soon as possible. If you operated in the IARU HF Championship as a competitor you may send your log to ARRL as online submission to ARRL shares all logs with WRTC judging committee. However for ARRL it is enough to send your log within 5 days but WRTC must present the winners just one day after the competition has ended. That´s why we need your log right after the contest on Sunday afternoon!

Often competitors like to check the log when the have  made comments in the note file or just want to have a look inside the log before finally sending it to the contest organizer. 
Some people don´t like  the rush to send it immediately after the test and just wait up to the deadline when other things seem to be more important than hassling with the unsent log. WRTC committee has no time to wait for late logs so we offer you another way!

Just send your log right after the contest to
We will use your log check the scores of the WRTC competitors more exactly with more data to crosscheck.

We won´t forward your log to ARRL and delete it after the WRTC scoring has ended, so you will not have a disadvantage in case your log still includes mistakes or is not as clean as you would like to have it when sending it. Your goal? You can win a prize for working most WRTC stations in the shortest time or making the highest number of QSOs with WRTC stations from your area or you can apply for WA-WRTC award.

See the WRTC 2018 activity program at

No log is too small to help us and you so donít hesitate to send your log to us on Sunday afternoon. 

Thank you
on behalf of the WRTC judging committee
Dietmar, DL3DXX


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