Youth Team #3

Picture of Tamas Bence Varro, HA8RT
Team Leader:

Tamas Bence Varro, HA8RT

Other callsigns: HA9T
Country: Hungary
Age (WRTC 2018): 19
Previous WRTC experience: n/a
Occupation: Student
Radio operator since 2012, I know CW since 2013. I started contesting in 2014, including HST competitions. I love mixed mode contesting, have done multi-operator contests many times. I am a university student and programming engineer at a software company.

Picture of Philipp Springer, DK6SP
Team Mate:

Philipp Springer, DK6SP

Other callsigns: DQ5M
Country: Germany
Age (WRTC 2018): 20
Previous WRTC experience: n/a
Occupation: Student
Got into Hamradio in late 2008 through local hams. Made my first license, DO6PS, in 2011. Got very interested into contests through Bavarian Contest Club and decided to upgrade to class A license, DK6SP, in 2013 to have access to all the bands. Very interested in CW operations as well as SSB. I am a dual university student for logistics management.

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